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Performance Based Brand Management and Marketing Agency

The Amazon Marketplace is constantly changing. We stay on top of the ever evolving e-commerce ecosystem, so that your business continues to grow in the right direction. Anyone can sell your product, we sell your brand.

Your Success is Our Success

The Amazon Marketplace can be harsh and unforgiving territory. We’re here to guide you through it. The Marketplace isn’t one size fits all, so we tailor our strategy to your overall business needs. As Amazon evolves, we have services for every direction.

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We got our start in eCommerce by manufacturing and selling our own products on Amazon.

So we have a very unique insight to what you as a brand owner are experiencing. We’ve felt your pain, because we’ve been in your shoes.

We pay you, you don’t pay us.

When we sell your products, Sapphire Growth becomes the brand’s authorized third party re-seller in Amazon's USA and European Marketplaces. We buy inventory directly from you and work with your team to meet your pricing and marketing standards. The money that we make from selling your product then goes to providing value added services to optimize your brand’s presence on the Marketplace.

Our Services

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How We Can Help You!

We do Amazon Marketplace strategy and optimization, and we do it well.

Our team specializes in supporting the Amazon ecosystem and our clients within it. We’ve spent years engaging with Amazon’s A9 search algorithm, advertising platforms, conversion rate optimization, channel management, and more to help you drive sales. Our team of Amazon Experts deep dives, cleans up, and enhances partner marketplace presence through our many services such as MAP enforcement, Amazon Advertising (PPC), Brand Management, and Review Management. We align our brand partners best interests with ours and put our money where our mouth is.


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